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William Stallman

Profile Updated: May 16, 2012
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Lena Ladion
Home Address

1 Westwood Road
Storrs Mansfield, CT 06268

Hometown when at Northfield/Mount Hermon:

Storrs, CN

Phone Number


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Email Address


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Birthday / Birthplace

July 1, 1944 - New Haven, CN

Occupation(s) / Years


Northfield / Mount Hermon Memories:

On my first day at work, I remember ending up working at the pig pens and crying about my fate, but I pretty much enjoyed being there, out in the countryside.

Life since Northfield/Mount Hermon

We are trying to live a simple life based around being in nature. We live in a very small, Thoreauian house without electricity, etc. so we can try to be there.

Inspirational/transformative influence on your life

An example would be seeing a bobcat or a bear print or, ideally, just about any flower, tree or bird.

Comments: Hi, Rick Weisman. Many thanks and a big hug!
Hello, Ruth Blakeslee. All the best in the world to you!